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benefits of thai massage

Thai massage was originated in India and it was brought to Thailand by Buddhists about 2500 years ago. It is the fusion of influences from Indian and Southeast Asian traditions.

It is slightly different from the typical massage as it is traditionally practiced on a mat on the floor, however, massage centres also offer tables. It is discovered that it has both the curative effects of physical and emotional levels. It is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Thai massage is both beneficial for the person who is giving the massage as well as the person who is receiving it. It doesn’t use any kind of scented oils or lotions. Therapists use stretching techniques, pulling, rocking to relieve stress, boost circulation.

6 Benefits of Thai Massage

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How Can Our Massage Benefit You?

1. Boosts energy

Muscle tightness causes blockages which leads to pain, illness, stiffness and it limits the energy level. It includes whole-body movements which help you reduce the pain, relaxes your muscles which elevates your mood enhances your energy level.

2. Relives headache

If you have tension headaches or migraine, Traditional Thai massage will help you ease your symptoms. In various small studies involving patients with chronic headaches, it has been found that Thai massage reduced the intensity of both migraine and tension headaches. Compression and passive stretching can help reduce the inflammation of the body that lowers the severity of headaches.

3. Enhances blood circulation

It includes the whole body moving and massaging tissues in the body, improving circulation of blood and supplying more oxygen to your entire body. It helps encourage heart health and promotes cell growth and due to enhanced blood circulation and revives the somatosensory system.

4. Lowers stress

Certainly, stress is not bad as most of the time. It motivates people to work hard and to be better but too much stress can affect your physical and mental health terribly. It can cause serious illnesses, like depression and cardiovascular disease. This massage therapy also helps you heal your anxiety and make you feel calmer.

5. Positive emotions

Nowadays, people are very easily affected by negative thoughts, which leads to anxiety, stress and depression. With traditional Thai massage, you can feel better about yourself. It fills you with lots of positive feelings. You may experience the release of negative thoughts and it leads to the increase of your cortisol levels and serotonin neurotransmitters. Your body is submerged with feel-good hormones and as a result, your tension and stress disappear.

6. Improves quality of sleep

It lowers stress and boosts relaxation and also reduces fatigue, which leads to restful sleep.
Apart from traditional Thai massage, we also provide Indian massage in the business bay. Come to our massage 24-hour massage centre in the business bay to have a pampering session away from all the tension and stress.


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