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Mistakes To Avoid While Getting Face Massages, Facial massages have tons of benefits. It is a blessing for our skin. Getting a facial massage helps you with a lot of things. The advantages are as follows

  • helps to smoothen the skin
  • enhances your skin tone
  • improves elasticity
  • increase blood circulation and many more.

Although facial massages are favourable, you should be mindful of a few things. There are several mistakes that you should stay away from. Moreover, you can go to Special Massage Center.

Now let’s talk about the things that you need to avoid.

Evening Time is the Best

When you get a facial done, your skin becomes sensitive. If you step out in the sun, it will damage your skin. So, it is crucial to select the best time. You must get a facial done in the evening. There is no sun then, and it won’t cause any trouble.

If you get it in the afternoon, lather a good quality sunscreen. Apply a good amount of sunscreen all over your face and neck.

Prevent Facials on Sunburned Skin

If you are sunburned, wait till your skin recovers. Don’t rush to the parlour for a facial. It will make the situation worse. Let your skin heal and then book an appointment.

Choose the Right Product

Assure that the products used are of premium quality. Go for the products that have natural herbs and actives. Make sure that they consider chemical-free products.

Don’t consider the products which have microplastics and parabens. The Special Massage Center presents the best massage in Business Bay.

Examine Your Condition of Skin

Before getting a facial, ensure that your skin is in good condition. If there are symptoms of any skin issue, it is not the right time. Also, if you see pimples, don’t opt for the facial.

Getting a facial on acne-prone skin or inflamed skin will be worse. The massage on your pimple will lead to bad skin. Rather than doing any good, it will add up to the problem.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Water is essential for all times. Try to be more hydrated on your facial day. During the facial, toxins have got out from your skin. Water will help you flush away the released toxins. Also, avoid caffeine and aerated drinks on the day of your facial.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

No Soaps and Makeup

Don’t apply makeup for at least 8-10 hours. As your skin already has a lot of products on it. If you apply makeup, you can get allergies or burn reactions. Your skin becomes very sensitive after the facial.

Applying tons of product or makeup will do damage only. However, we don’t apply soap to our faces. But, if you do, don’t use them for at least 2-3 days. Let your skin soak the benefits of the products applied.


These are the few mistakes that one makes while going for massages. Try to avoid these mistakes to get the full benefit of facial. You can opt for a facial in Special Massage Center. They are one of the best massage centers in Business Bay.

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